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At The Sculpting Spa, we truly believe that beauty is beyond skin deep. We not only focus on helping you get radiant, glowing skin, but we also make sure that your entire body is healthy so you look good and feel great. We take a holistic approach to everything we do. Our ability to combine aspects of medicine with aesthetics and overall wellness allows us to produce spectacular results – and this is the reason our clients keep coming back again and again!

We are on the leading edge of aesthetic medicine, and our staff undergoes continual learning and training in order to perform the latest health and beauty treatments to deliver the absolute best results. We have the knowledge, technology, and experience to change your life for the better, starting right now. 

Female Rejuvenation

With CO2RE Intima Laser a woman never has to be “past her prime”, which is proven to treat dryness, vaginal laxity and so much more. It is the goal standard for vaginal rejuvenation. Sometimes menopause and other sexual health issues require more than hormone therapy or a simple cream treatment the Intima Laser provides quick and painless treatment to specific trouble spots.

Ketogenic Weight Loss

The diet involves taking three protein supplements and one meal daily that you prepare at home. There is a list of more than 70 foods that can be used to prepare your meals. This weight loss method is scientifically designed for structured weight loss and muscle mass support. A personalized approach is used to set goals, based on your health profile. You will enjoy weekly coaching, education, and guidance.

Not sure which treatmentis best for your body type?

Not sure which treatment
is best for your body type?

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