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Eliminating fat cells without surgery has been made possible with amazing CoolSculpting® technology. Our bodies can be contoured safely and noninvasively with incredible VelaShape III technology. At The Sculpting Spa in Cookeville, Tennessee, our MedSpa specialists have combined to two body-shaping techniques into one revolutionary treatment package we call “Ice & Fire.” With our professionals, it is easier than ever to get the body you have always wanted without having to worry about intense surgeries or experimental pharmaceuticals.

Velashape III uses combined infrared heat and bi-polar radio frequency to help with enhanced CoolSculpting® results. Where CoolSculpting® is your personal trainer that eliminates fat permanently by killing fat cells through controlled cooling, VelaShape III is your gym membership that increases lymphatic drainage and helps contour the body after CoolSculpting®.

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How Does Ice & Fire Treatment Work?

The name Ice & Fire is a fun combination of CoolSculpting® and VelaShape, which use cold crystallization and infrared light, respectively. Technically in this process, “ice” comes first and “fire” comes second.

The usual process for a Ice & Fire body-shaping treatment is:

  1. CoolSculpting®for “ice”: Developed by scientists from Harvard, CoolSculpting® safely freezes fat cells under your skin and other tissues, which remain untouched. When the fat cells die due to the freeze, your body can naturally carry them away for processing, effectively eliminating them from the targeted area.
  2. VelaShape III for “fire”: Loose skin, folds, and bulges can sometimes be noticeable after CoolSculpting® and other body-shaping services. VelaShape III uses infrared light, mechanical massage, electric currents, and vacuum pulses to gently reshape altered skin and tissues. After several treatments, you can start to notice fantastic improvement to your body’s shape, as well as a more youthful look.
  3. Routine care: The combination of CoolSculpting® and VelaShape III has been shown to improve natural regenerative properties when used in conjunction to reduce fat collections. To make certain you are healing well, and that your fat has been reduced to your expectations, we will want to see you a few times for the next 12 or so weeks.

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The Sculpting Spa is known throughout Cookeville and the rest of Tennessee for providing safe, reliable, and customized MedSpa treatments to our patients. When you want to fight stubborn fat with science and the elements themselves, ask us about our remarkable Ice & Fire body-shaping treatment. With our help, you can look and feel your best without surgery!

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