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MEDiTHREAD PDO Thread Lift in Cookeville

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We combine Ultherapy, fillers, CO2 facial resurfacing, Hydrafacials, and medical-grade skincare after your assessment to produce enhanced results.

Lift, Tighten & Sculpt the Skin Naturally with a “Lunchtime Lift”

Gone are the days where a surgical facelift is the only way to improve facial contours and regain that youthful glow. Today, you can achieve smoother skin and address those pesky wrinkles in a way that requires no downtime and no incisions. If you’re seeking a nonsurgical alternative to combat the signs of aging that doesn’t involve the time commitment of a facelift, the MEDiTHREAD PDO thread lift may be just what you want.


What Is the MEDiTHREAD PDO Thread Lift?

Many who would like to address their fine lines, wrinkles, and facial sagging often think a surgical facelift is their only option, but are deterred from having one because of the associated cost and time commitment. Enter: the MEDiTHREAD PDO thread lift, a nonsurgical, minimally invasive facelift alternative. This effective, nonsurgical procedure is performed by injecting polydioxanone (PDO) threads under the skin with a small needle. These threads anchor the skin and lift it upward, and the material in the threads themselves stimulate your body’s natural collagen production response. Smooth threads are used to stimulate collagen, while barbed threads are used to lift and reposition the skin.

PDO threads come in different thicknesses and lengths, which can affect their quality, tensile strength, effectiveness, and other factors. MEDiTHREAD provides the strongest threads on the market, and can treat virtually any area of the face and many areas of the body. A PDO thread lift treatment may be performed by itself, but you may also wish to combine it with other aesthetic treatments, such as anti-aging fillers,injections,Botox, and so on. Your doctor can recommend which treatments would work best for your desired aesthetic outcome.

MediThread on Arms Before and After

The Benefits of the “Lunchtime Lift”

The PDO Thread lift can improve facial skin laxity, which used to only be possible with a surgical facelift. At The Sculpting Spa, we refer to this as the lunchtime lift, because of how quickly you’ll be in and out of the office after having this minimally invasive nonsurgical facelift alternative. It is the effective cosmetic treatment for adults who are willing to have a few injections and want immediate results without having to go under the knife.

Some of the reasons you may choose the lunchtime lift include:

  • Less invasive: While a facelift involves multiple incisions and you must be under general anesthesia for the procedure, you will be awake during the PDO thread lift, and no incisions are made. You will have some injections with a small needle, after receiving local anesthetic in the treatment areas.
  • Immediate results: Rather than having to wait for swelling to go down after a surgical facelift, the lunchtime lift is a perfect option for those who don’t want to face time-consuming process of waiting to heal from surgery. In addition, most patients see even better results within 30 days of the procedure, as the PDO threads stimulate natural collagen production.
  • Lasting results: Most patients will see results upwards of 9 months, and may wish to repeat the procedure for continued collagen production.
  • Less expensive: A surgical facelift costs much more than the PDO thread lift, as it involves many more medical professionals to perform it (a plastic surgeon, an anesthesiologist, and others).
  • Quick procedure: It’s called the “lunchtime lift” because it can be done in as little as 30 minutes or less.
  • No downtime: You can be in and out of our office and go straight back to work after having a PDO thread lift, which simply cannot be done with a traditional/surgical facelift.
  • Safe: Very few patients experience side effects with the MEDiTHREAD PDO thread lift. Needles used for injections are completely sterile, and the newer PDO thread lift techniques have minimized if not eliminated any of the side effects associated with older thread lifting procedures, such as infection or thread breakage.
  • Minimal side effects: Patients may experience some mild bruising, swelling, or soreness in the week following their lift, which typically resolves itself within a few days.

Our team understands you want quick and effective cosmetic results from your medspa treatments. That’s why we offer a plethora of non- and minimally invasive medspa procedures to address your concerns. We even accommodate busy working professionals with extended hours and weekend availability, so you can get the results you want on your timetable.

Are There Different Types of PDO Threads?

There are many types of PDO threads and this can be confusing for patients and even doctors. In general, PDO threads can be divided into Smooth threads and Barbed threads.

  • Smooth threads are used to stimulate collagen.
  • Barbed threads are used to lift and reposition the skin.

PDO threads come in different thickness and length. These all affect their quality, tensile strength, effectiveness, and of course, price of your treatment. MEDiTHREAD provides the strongest threads on the market. Your doctor may choose to use different kind of threads for you, depending on your rejuvenation and skin lifting needs.

What Areas Can Be Treated with PDO Thread Lift?

The PDO thread lift is very versatile, allowing practically all areas of the body to be treated.

Areas That Can Be Treated:

  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Lips
  • Eyelids
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Glabella
  • Smokers Line
  • Arch of the Eyebrows
  • Facial Profile
  • Periocular Area
  • Abdomen
  • Arm
  • Breast
  • Hip
  • Hands
  • Neck and Chest
  • Buttocks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Armpit
  • Knee

MediThread on Legs Before and After

Am I A Good Candidate for the MEDiTHREAD PDO Thread Lift?

If you want an immediate improvement in the appearance of sagging skin, a PDO thread lift may be perfect for you. It is a suitable treatment for adults who are willing to have some injections for an immediate lift and improved facial contours. Most patients who choose the PDO thread lift had previously considered a surgical facelift, and would rather take the nonsurgical route.

What to Avoid – Before and After A PDO Thread Lift Procedure?

Three days before the procedure, like other treatments involving injections, avoid alcohol, supplements such as Vitamin E, Omega Fish oils. Two weeks after a PDO Thread Lift procedure you are also discouraged from undergoing any dental treatment (which requires you to open your mouth excessively.) It is strongly advised to sleep on your back to help the swelling to subside and to avoid the putting pressure on the face that might cause misalignment of the threads.

Combination Treatments with PDO Thread Lift

A PDO thread lift can be performed alone, or together with other Aesthetic medicine treatment, such as anti-aging filler injections, Botox or another injectable.

Is PDO Thread Lift Safe?

This treatment is safe, and the side effects are, in fact rare which is what makes PDO threads so innovative. MEDiTHREAD PDO threads are inserted with needles and are absorbed in 4-6 months. MEDiTHREAD’s PDO threads have minimized if not eliminated any of the side effects associated with older thread lifting procedures, such as infection and thread breakage.

Expect some mild bruising, swelling, and soreness for 2 to 6 days after the procedure, and a mild sensation of tightness of up to 2 weeks. Temporary mild dimpling of the skin can also occur and resolves in a few days. Although side effects are extremely rare and in more serious cases removal of threads may be required in cases such as migration and extrusion. The face has a very complex anatomical structure intimate anatomical knowledge is required to perform a PDO thread lift well to avoid serious side effects such as infection. We advise practitioners to get well trained in PDO thread lift.

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