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VelaShape III FAQs

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If you are like most patients, you probably have a few questions about how VelaShape works and what you can expect. Check out of our questions and answers to learn even more about the procedure and benefits.

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velashape FAQ

The typical session lasts 15-30 minutes, per treatment areas depending on the patient’s needs and body concerns. Most patients choose to have 2-3 treatment areas per visit, resulting in no more than 90 minutes. An example of a treatment area is front thighs. Each thigh takes 15 minutes to treat, thus taking a total of 30 minutes.
On average, patients report losing 0.5 to 3 inches or more from one treated area. The most typical result after an initial course of treatments is a reduction of 1 dress size or 1 pant size. Patients also report a visible decrease in cellulite after 3 treatments, and furthermore, experience an added benefit of tighter/firmer skin in the treated area after 3 treatments. Optimal results are achieved in 8 weeks after your first treatment.
The procedure is painless and some patients even fall asleep on the treatment table! Because the treatment revolves around a massage-type therapeutic process with heat, you may even notice you feel more relaxed with less pain and more energy. The only visible signs you have just had a VelaShape treatment may be a little reddening to the area of skin that has received treatment (this because of increased blood flow to the area). As well, the treated area(s) may feel warmer to the touch for an hour or so after the treatment. You will also soon start to notice your skin seems smoother, firmer, tighter and more radiant from better circulation and flushing of toxins post-treatment.
No. VelaShape III is the latest generation of VelaShape technology, based on science that has been proven both safe and effective for over 10 years. VelaShape III is an FDA cleared device that has passed stringent testing and approval. There are no risks from receiving VelaShape treatment. However, patients who have a pacemaker or defibrillator, patients who have recently had or plan to have a major surgery, patients who have just become pregnant/nursing or have just given birth, or patients who have just recovered from a major illness or injury may want to consult with their primary care physician about the best timing of their VelaShape treatments.
Immediately. You will be able to return to work and all your regular daily activities right away with no downtime.
So long as the patient continues to maintain a consistent weight, pursue a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, the body contouring results produced by VelaShape treatments are long-lasting. Even if there is a small fluctuation in weight following treatments, the gain may be experienced more evenly all over the body as opposed to just in certain areas. As with cellulite, there is no cure, but regular maintenance will hold the results of the initial treatments. The skin firming/tightening results will generally require consistent treatments to stay on top of the natural collagen decline that occurs 6 months after the initial.

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